Play for Peace Workshop with Khula Aasman in MumbaiOn 27th February, 2016, Play for Peace trainer, Ms. Archana Magar, facilitated a workshop at our Sukhshanti office to teach us effective social and communication skills, and help us (as trainers) to connect with the different groups with whom we are all working.

All the activities were enjoyable and helped in team-building. It helped us know each other in a better way. Discussions and sharing circles that occurred post certain activities were especially enriching.

Play for Peace Workshop with Khula Aasman in MumbaiMoreover, the workshop helped us realize the importance of play. Whenever a child is playing, it is an important work that the child is doing. Not only are we busy when we play, we also learn many things when we play – though it may not be a conscious process.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Ms. Archana for making our afternoon so enjoyable with the fun-filled workshop! We look forward to more enriching associations in the future!

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