“Art for social change is a relatively unexplored idea that has huge potential for nurturing mental health, well being and to release stress and pent-up feelings. Khula Aasman, a non profit organization uses Expressive Art Therapy (music, drama and the visual arts) to bring about social change among various groups like under trials, women rescued from trafficking and children living in observation homes.”

“’Neuroscientists are substantiating the power of art therapy for bringing about changes in the human brain. This body of knowledge will help eventually to gain more support to this branch of knowledge,’ she adds.

“With six experienced therapists, Khula Aasman has so far worked with the prisoners of Kalyan and Thane jail; observation homes in Bhiwandi; David Sassoon Industrial School, Matunga; Jawaharlal Nehru Udyog Kendra; Dongri Children’s Home and with rescued women at Shanti Sadan Gruh, Navjeevan and the Government Special Home for Girls, Deonar.”

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