We at Khula Aasman Trust believe in the healing and grounding properties of art, and art’s capacity to bring people into a meditative and reflective state, through the process of creation. We like to create spaces to explore various artforms and have people come together to share experiences and ideas, learning together and from one another.

We are extremely happy and excited to announce a Tapestry Weaving workshop as part of our skill building initiatives. Tapestry is a unique work of art that is made in a particular woven textile technique. It develops hand-eye co-ordination and increases concentration, with complete absorption in the activity. The activity of tapestry weaving acts as a form of therapy and gives a visually beautiful result at the end.

This workshop will be facilitated by Tanvi Parab and Akshata Mokashi, textile designers, art practitioners and facilitators.

When: Date: 05/06/2018, Tuesday

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Who can attend: Anyone aged 6 upward!

Fees: 1,000 INR per person

Last Date to register : 03/06/2018

What can you hope for as an outcome of the sessions?

You will learn to weave colourful strands of threads, engrossed in such a way that you develop a beautiful painting from within you.

Excited? We sure are! Refer to the flyer for more details regarding registration and payment processes:


Tapestry weaving workshop flyer


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